by Ludwig van Beethoven 1770 – 1827


206.02.06.F ecose V1

1st Violin only

Emulate master playing with Richard.

Learn easily playing together.


206.02.01.F ecose

String Quartet

All parts together.

Learn so many skills naturally

by playing together

with 1st or 2nd violin.

206.02.02.F ecose -V1

Minus 1st Violin

When you're ready. play along

with the rest of the quartet.

1st violin is silent yet visible for cues

Feel the flow playing with the pros!

206.02.07.F ecose V2

2nd Violin only

Mirror Hui on 2nd violin.

Practice your performance

to perfection

with Strings Along!

206.02.03.F ecose -V2

Minus 2nd Violin

Play 2nd to complete the quartet.

Develop many exciting ensemble

skills playing together!