Video Play Alongs between lessons

increase student retention!

Video ThumbnailStrings Along Video play alongs for beginner and intermediate violin

Beginner & Intermediate Violin

Summer Special

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Where practice becomes play!

Violin Teachers

Your students now

  • Stay supported between lessons

  • Accelerate learning by practicing with pros

  • Feel successful growing beyond expectation!

You'll get 3+ videos per piece

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The Whole Ensemble

Duet & String Quartet

Students never feel alone or lost

when practicing with our Play Alongs.

Try Twinkle with a Twist with

Suzuki violin teacher Ms. Helen Graham.

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Accompaniment only

Playing together you will

sound better & learn faster

so enjoy practice more!

Anytime!  Every time!  Many times!

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Violin only

Mirror our pro musicians

to quickly improve

Intonation & timing.

Develop your skills naturally.

Expand your repertoire!


120 Pieces / 850+ videos with sheet music

Suzuki Violin Book 1 sheet music not included

An excellent supplement

to your violin lessons

  • Suzuki or any method

  • Private or group classes

  • Children & adults

Concertmaster Richard Altenbach

Summer Special

No credit card required

Don't practice alone,

play in a duet or quartet!

"Practice would have been so much easier & more fun with these videos all these years!"

Kansas City, USA

Macenzie Jones Suzuki Violin Student through book 8

"I improved so much, so fast. I naturally felt the correct intonations playing with pro violinists. Great!"

Burgos, Spain

César Dominguez-Ruiz Violin Student