Let's Fill the World with Song!

Playing Together

It's the Natural Way

to Learn Music

& Learn to Love Music

The Strings Along Mission

Our mission is to fill the hearts of children of all ages with music & the love of music.

How do we kindle, inspire and assist a generation to think and feel? One of our answers is to encourage the creative arts, something that is being cut out of schools and lives to make room for "The Standards."

In an age of getting serious, we aspire to bring what we consider the basics of life to more people around the world- arts, creativity, music, exploration & the joy of sharing the process.

With so little time to get together, the age old tradition of sitting in with the neighborhood bands has all but disappeared.  Few have the opportunity to play with master musicians.  And everyone is too busy.

The gift of our digital age allows us to reach out to more people and actually play together like was never possible.

We are proud to bring fun, quality music learning into every home affordably. Cultivating stronger minds, adaptable souls & feeling hearts. Now everyone can play with the pros, any time.

Reach for the stars,...  We'll see you there! ! !

The Strings Along Team

Katalina Damato- Director & innovator

Dreaming to put the Arts in every life.