Long, Long Ago

Faster Classical

07.02.05. F LONG Hp Cl

2. Violin only  with vibrato

When you're ready

add Flair to your playing

by adding vibrato.

Play as beautifully as you can!

07.02.01. F LONG Hp Cl

3. Suzuki teacher and Harp

Learn by watching the pros

or play along w/ Helen on violin.

Second verse;  Harp only

You join in at the count off.

Enjoy the challenge

07.02.02. F LONG Hp Cl

4. Harp accompaniment

When you feel ready

play along with Motoshi.

Have fun with it & naturally you'll

learn the skills of playing with

accompaniment & various styles.

07.02.03. F LONG Hp Cl

5. Harp w/ metronome

Sharpen your internal clock

Practice your timing exercises here

Relax and enjoy playing with friends.

Applaud your quick improvements!