Play Along Videos for Violin.

Practice with the pros.

Solo violin and

accompaniment videos.

Watch your confidence & playing skills

double in 90 days. Guaranteed!

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The biggest challenge to learning violin is

keeping early violinists motivated.

Strings Along ignites the flames of inspiration

by offering a platform to;

  • accelerate learning by playing with pros daily

  • play music without critique, testing or competition

  • play for the sheer joy of playing

  • sound better instantly with the help of video

  • build skills playing with other musicians

  • keep interest high with a variety of accompaniment.

The Strings Along Approach

Because when you hear & see it right, you play it right.

Step 1

You play with Violin only

Learn by watching or

playing in unison with solo violin.

Step 2

Violin & accompaniment

Have pro support while

Practicing ensemble skills.

Step 3

Accompaniment only

Now you're ready to play

solo violin with accompaniment.

Teachers can efficiently use their precious lesson time

when students are practicing with play alongs all week long.

Strings Along prepares you to play better faster &

get the applause you deserve

and deserve the applause you get!


Your violinist will

  • Sound better instantly with video help.

  • Flow naturally with the music.

  • Gain confidence with rapid growth.

  • Have fun & play willingly.

  • Cultivate a life-long love of music.

Play with Strings Along &

practice will never be just practice ever again.

FREE 7 Day Trial


$50/ 3 months


Full money back


FREE 7 Day Trial


$150/ 1 year


Full money back


Almost like playing live

without being live yet.

Teachers teach

how to play.


Nothing can replace lessons with a violin teacher. However:

  • Teacher-student contact is limited.

  • It's so hard practicing alone.

  • Students struggle to keep motivated.

  • Students forget corrections quickly.

  • and lose interest from frustration.

Play Along Videos

demonstrate playing.

  • Students naturally self correct simply by playing along.

  • Improve pitch, rhythm & timing by mirroring the pros.

  • The pros model how it should sound.

  • Videos are patient & repeat all week long.

  • Practice is smarter & more joyful.


130 Pieces with 1,000+ Play Along Videos

includes sheet music

Click to see many of your all time favorites!

Classical, Traditional, Holiday & Suzuki Book 1

Enjoy a variety of accompaniment:

Violin Duet

Cello - Violin

String Quartet

Harp - Violin

Harp - Violin Duet

Guitar - Violin

Guitar - Violin Duet

"Flexibility playing different styles

with various accompaniment

is required for todays musicians."

Strings Along supports practice routine for

  • Suzuki Method & all methods

  • Private & group lessons

  • Children & adults

  • Beginner & Intermediate

Concertmaster Richard Altenbach

Wow your friends and family at your next

performance with your quick progress & finesse

while enjoying it.

Stop practicing and

start playing with Strings Along.

FREE 7 Day Trial


$50/ 3 months


Full money back


FREE 7 Day Trial


$150/ 1 year


Full money back


"I could easily hear and correct my intonation

& timing playing with Play Along Videos.

I improved so much, so fast. I love it."

César Dominguez-Ruiz violin student

Burgos, Spain

Meet Our Musicians

Richard Altenbach

Ilana Blumberg Thomas

Helen Graham

George Hayes

Hui Lim

Susan Lamb Cook

Laura Gaynon

Tian Tian Lan

Motoshi Kosako

Akio Sasajima

Alexandra Roedder

Amanda Lostritto

Maria Luciana Gallo

Heather Gallagher

Don't practice alone, play in a duet or quartet!

"Practice would have been so much easier & more

fun with Play Along Videos all these years!"

Mackenzie Jones - Suzuki Violin Student thru book 8

Kansas City, USA

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Suzuki Violin Book 1 sheet music not included